Illustrating spaceships for TikTok

Microsite illustrations for Tiktok’s Mega Mall- Shop & Joy & Festival


TikTok SEA's (South East Asia) Mega Mall is an online shopping adventure where businesses can connect with TikTok's huge market of users through unique branded experiences and shopping entertainment. Working in collaboration with Explanimate! Animation Studios, I illustrated a ‘Mall in Space’ microsite where users could interact with brands for a prize, or purchase their favourite products at special discounts

My Role

I ideated the concept and illustrated from sketch to final renders. I worked in collaboration with Explanimate producers to meet Tik Tok stakeholders expectations and implement feedback.


September 2021 - November 2021


Creative Direction - Travis Hunt

Producer - Edana Racadio

Logo & Asset Creation - Diego Rico

Project objectives

  • To create a fun and exciting mobile experience that engages users and enables businesses to sell their products




Previous years had seen different interpretations of the mall theme. For example the year before was a highly colorful, Thai market full of life and movement. While they wanted to keep the mall theme firmly fixed, stakeholders were eager to explore the idea of floating shop in the universe


We started close to the brief, creating kiosks that were interconnected with festival like attractions. We kept it light hearted, leaning towards the fantastical and fantasy.

Early Sketches

When we presented these sketches to stakeholders, While the liked certain elements, like the 
light-heartedness and the kiosk placements, they  felt strongly about the space and universe theme and wanted to push the concepts more towards a sci-fi look and feel.

With this feedback we created a second round of sketches, ditching the fairy floss vibes and embracing a more gaming take on the mall. This round was well received and so we moved into final sketches were we detailed characters and solidified composition.

2nd round sketch

Approval sketch


Tik Tok decided early on to that for colours, we would stick to a brand palette.

With colour, composition and concept all green lit, I moved onto illustrating. I vectorised the sketches by overlaying the basic shapes in illustrator. At this point we handed the design over for colour feedback. It was important to involve decision makers as much as possible. Any last minute changes would mean undoing work from this point onwards.

After colours were approved I layered in shadows. Setting these shadow shapes to a multiply blend mode and a low opacity means it shows the colour beneath at a darker tint effectively creating a shadow look. The final step was texturing in mid-tones, highlights and further shadows in photoshop with a grain brush.


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