Creating a 30k visitor website

Rethinking the Archistar digital sales funnel.


Archistar is a technology SaaS platform that helps property professionals find and assess sites using rich datasets to make informed property decisions. In late 2022, they made a pivotal shift, transitioning from a paid subscription model to a free one, thereby expanding its user base to include general consumers.

This strategic move prompted a comprehensive overhaul of their ageing website. Despite continuing to meet company metrics, stakeholders felt it was a missed opportunity, as it proved overly dense, lacking in intuitive navigation, and failed to effectively articulate our product's shifting value proposition, particularly to discerning a B2B market and the broader consumer.

My Role

As sole creative designer at Archistar, I took on multiple roles to meet objectives; Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, UI/UX Design and Motion Design


December 2022 - February 2023


Head of Marketing, Product and Brand Designer, Senior Marketing Coordinator, and a team of devs!

Project objectives

  • To secure AND increase prospect traffic of both our current market and new market segment of free-to-use users.
  • Expand a new interpretation of the visual identity onto the website.
  • Expand a new interpretation of the visual identity onto the website.




We began by focusing on our audience, having already reevaluated our brand strategy and completed much of the groundwork for our new users. The website redesign provided the ideal platform to stress-test our strategies and storytelling to date.

Value Propositions

Find property
Assess property for
Create early stage
building concepts with AI

Brand Pillars

Working with government
Superior Technology

Having mapped out user and market personas, we graphed them against our redefined brand pillars to try and understand if our pillars connected emotionally to persona groups.  We quickly realised that what was good for our new consumers (Prosumers as we called them), was good for our existing B2B onsumers. This was a significant discovery as it gave us license to experiment without upsetting the status break a few egg shells.

Prosumer Persona
Property portfolio

Ideally already have one investment property and a basic understanding of the market and other property levers


To develop their property investments

To find profitable opportunities


Wealth & Security


Lack of property confidence

Lack of location planning and market knowledge


Age: 35-45

Predominately male

Primarily located in major cities

Married with dependents

Competitor Research

With brand pillars tentatively set, we conducted extensive research of our competitors. We compared against 3 broad criteria:

How do we differ
Where do we overlap
What can we do better

We also looked further out at inspirational and best-in-practice websites. We gleaned opportunities and insights on where we could push the envelope in our industry. Aside our competitor research, we brought ourselves into the mix, looking at our own failures and learnings over the last few years.


As the research stage neared completion, opportunities started to present themselves. We grouped them under 3 themes.



We wanted to strongly tether our visual identity to our renewed pillars without loosing ourselves. In other words, don't drift too far from our current brand or our core values when reinterpreting them. A tricky balance! This led to 3 key changes:

1. Brighter, cleaner colors

We brought forward our brighter brand colours. The focused pops of colour invoked feelings of a clean-cut, simple brand and with an approachable, friendly product.

2. Gradients

The introduction of gradients spoke to our superior technology pillar. They represented the refinement, experience and confidence in our product.

3. New brand illustrations

Finally, we crafted a fresh set of brand illustrations. Many styles and iterations were explored and assessed. We settled on a borderless, flat style contrasting against vibrant colour gradients. This highlighted the interplay between complexity and simplicity.


We jumped into wires with the objective of a high conversion, tight ‘free sign up’ funnel. We were also keen to recycle where possible both in layout and in UI. This would help reduce dev time.

Early wires, represented the latter of this approach as we got bogged down, trying to resolve old website problems. But with iterations and feedback we were encouraged to break free from these limitations and embrace our new opportunities.


'Learn more' pages


The major challenge in the build stage were in communicating the tremendous value of the Archistar platform in a small amount of time. Without succinct execution, all our research and strategy could be undone.

We streamlined our copywriting and introduced animation where possible, to visually demonstrate our value, simply and quickly. These feature/benefit animations were simplified versions of their in-platform counterparts to keep the viewers moving through the funnel.


Old Homepage

New Homepage

Old Pricing

New Pricing

Old CTA Modal

New CTA Modal

Old company page

New company page

Old company page

New features page

To Do's

Of course, no digital product is ever fully done. Here is what’s on our post-launch to do list:

1. Asset Optimisation

Some of our pages are at “peak capacity” as far as page load time. Some of our heavier animations could be optimised, analysed and or even replaced with light images. Also under consideration is animating select illustrations to increase attention to key areas.

2. A/B Testing

In our copywriting iterations we had multiple takes that were get cut. Of course none are “rejected” per se but are instead thrown onto the “We’ll A/B test it” pile. Many of these takes deserve validation.

3 Expanding the rebrand

Many of the back pages that are outside of the primary funnel need to updated with new visuals.

4. Pricing page

Our pricing structure is long and arguable too complex. Are their opportunities to help visitors compare plans in a more visual way?

All final deliverables are the intellectual property of Archistar

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