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A comfortable getup contributes to high
productivity and performance. Also, coffee is good

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I’m bilingual and speak English
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Hi, I'm Jono! Β πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

I'm an end-to-end designer, delivering value from concept to launch and beyond.

I'm passionate about delivering consistent brand experiences that span from marketing to digital product and
with 8 years experience in brand, marketing and more recently in UX/UI, I strive to create work that’s thoughtful and engaging. Simple.

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Brand and Product Designer


Brand and Product Designer

Increasing lead gen by 15%


Illustrating spaceships for TikTok


Motion work to date

Motion Design

Creating a functional
fitness brand


Designing a +30K visitor website

UX/UI design

Jonathan is a world-class designer across both Marketing and Product disciplines. In addition to his excellent execution skills, Jonathan consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of business strategy, leading to designs that simultaneously achieve both short-term financial goals and long-term strategic goals.

Last but not least, he is an amazing team player, receptive to feedback, thirsting for new knowledge and always looking to find the best solution to every challenge - making him a brilliant addition to any team.

Neil de Jesus

Head of Marketing @

Jonathan is very humble, easy to work with and is able to 'zig' where others 'zag' to provide unexpected solutions. 
He is naturally curious and commits himself to improving his understanding of all aspects of the creative brief β€” he is good at asking the right questions.

Kieran Stowers

Creative Director and Founder @ Happy Medium Studios

I've worked with Jono now on 3-4 projects for various brands over the past few months and each time the results have blown me away. It's not just his amazing creative and illistrative skills but the way he extracts a true understanding of your business, customers and USPs that sets him apart from being "just another designer." He is an absolute pleasure to work with and is now my "go-to" creative partner.

Nathan Grima

CEO @ Print to Post Solutions

I have worked with Jonathan on a wide variety of design projects across three of my companies/brands and I cannot recommend him highly enough for his exceptional work. I have used plenty of designers before, but Jonathan is now my go-to for any design needs and I can confidently recommend him to anyone needing quality design work.

Owen Bowling

Co-founder and CEO of Coach Welly

I do creative things elsewhere too

CrankIt Fitness


Tik Tok MegaMall


eCheck -Archistar

Motion Design

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I do creative things elsewhere too

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