Creating a functional fitness brand

Giving a tired brand a refresh

Workout anywhere

CrankIt Fitness Straps are a high-quality, fitness product that elevates workout intensity and is a perfect functional training companion. With a small footprint, they can be setup anywhere, and are extremely versatile in their technicality offering.

During the height of the 2020 pandemic, CrankIt Fitness found itself uniquely placed to help people reach their fitness goals right where they found themselves, at home! However CrankIt had launched in 2012 and the brand had aged considerably. Their founder was eager to invest in this unique timing and opportunity rebranding the mark for the future

My Role

I created the new brand and led the project’s creative direction and execution


April 2020 - June 2020


Owner - Owen Bowling

Product Photography - Ross Eason

Gym Photography - Levi Appleton

Videography - Temenos Productions

Project objectives

  • To create a new brand taking inspiration from fitness brands like GymShark, Freeletics and more.


Creative exploration


Early concepts

Proposal deck


Logo Wordmark

Logo Emblem






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