Increasing lead generation by 15%

Creating an empathetic brand identity

The future is 3D

Snaploader creates visually detailed and immersive 3D models of properties for property agencies and firms to sell and lease sites. Prospects can explore their future house, apartment or any other property type in stunning 3D. Snaploader provides services to residential, industrial and commercials sectors. Founded in 2015, the brand was in desperate need of a refresh.

Snaploader was a dominant player in the niche space of 3D for property and we wanted the brand to reflect this. They also had aspirations of scaling up the business to be a self service model, an important aspect to note, as this move would be disruptive to the landscape.

My Role

I created the new brand and led the project’s creative direction and execution (Everything you see here is my work!)


April 2022 - June 2022


Head of Marketing, Senior Product and Brand Designer, Senior Developer

Project objectives

  • To refresh the brand through various collateral, notably the website.
  • To design and launch a new company website with a digital sales funnel
  • To increase gen lead on the new website by at least 10%
  • To refresh all existing marketing and brand assets


Strategy and positioning

Before diving into creative work, we reconsidered our customers and competitors. We compared features, capabilities and marketing positioning to get a sense of market norms. We looked at our customers pain points as well to empathise their frustrations. What were Marketing and sales execs frustrated with when it came to property sales tools? Finally we looked at ourselves. Where did we see ourselves now versus where we want to see ourselves in the future.

With a good sense of our customers and competitors, we started to carve out a vision, mission and values

Creative exploration

With the company’s mission, vision and values aligned, we started exploring visual interpretations. Considering our audience, our market position and our own aspirations, what visual motifs and cues embodied them.

We came to 2 directions. The first was inspired by architecture, minimalism and boutique property firms. It was strong, with a high level of expertise. The second was inspired by technology brands, disruptive and vibrant. It was creative and approachable.

Working closely with stakeholders and marketing, we moved towards the second direction. This felt right for a number of reasons. Snaploader was pushing towards a self serve future so having an approachable and friendly brand vocalised this aspiration to our audience. We also didn't want to blend into other industry cliches, architectual cues or minimal, earthy visuals. We wanted to embrace our technological edge and stand out.

Early concepts








Social media and collateral

To Do's

A few months after the website launch and results are promising with a 15% increase in lead gen. This speaks volumes to our approach in creating a concise brand story that empathises with customer painpoints.

1. Model optimisation

Models are heavy to load up particularly on a homepage. This impacts visitor experience. However, the experience of controlling and exploring a property on your terms is what we call a “high-conversion” experience for our visitors. What can be done to reduce page load without loosing any “high-conversion” moments?

2.Lead gen quality

Now that submitting a floorplan for a 3D model quote is easy for visitors, what can be done to better filter the quality of leads? Could the submission modal include further steps or barriers that helps reject poor leads and filter the high values ones?

All final deliverables are the intellectual property of Archistar

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