case study

SwitchDin provides integrated solutions for management of small-scale distributed energy resources or DERs for short. If it seems complex, then it is! SwitchDin speaks the language of energy companies, network operators and many other industry players, to solve complex problems with universal solutions.*


With this is mind, the challenge was to simplify an already complex topic, breaking down the problem of energy management into visual, digestible points whilst still speaking specifically to the energy industry. It was important to place SwitchDin at the centre of these points, and visualise them as the answer amongst many moving and complex parts.


The pieces below represent the SwitchDin solution.
All pieces were created with a 'show don't tell' approach striping back the topics to their most basic form and letting the visuals do the storytelling using colour and engaging illustrations.

*This project is a case study only. Information about SwitchDin can be found online via the SwitchDin website