CAse Study

Our WATCh is an independent not-for-profit organisation working to prevent violence against women and children in Australia. Using their ‘Change The Story’ framework they believe that violence is wholly preventable before it happens.  Their intersectional approach is targeted at solving the heart of the problem; Gender inequality. As national leaders on the issue, Our Watch focuses on taking action where Australians live, learn, work and socialise.*


It goes without saying the story of domestic violence is grim. Facts and statistics although informative and vitally important to addressing the issue, present a sad reality and can leave one feeling overwhelmed.

The challenge was two-fold; to redesign the Our WATCh website as an entry point for viewers to understand this complex topic (whilst keeping it accessible to frequent users) and to tell a story inspiring viewers to join the cause.


The solution was to flip the coin on the existing narrative using the framework already set down. By using the power of visual storytelling implicit to illustration I attempted to visualise what a future without violence might look like. For example, a happy family instead of one affected by gender inequality and violence.

By employing strong headlines that invoke action on the website where possible and story-driven visuals the viewer feels empowered to see what change could look and inspired to join the cause.

The warm colour palette and a somewhat playful style of illustration help to soften a hard topic reinforcing the 'coin-flip' narrative, helping viewers connect with a subject they might not be familiar with.

*This project is a case study only.
Information about Our WATCh can be found online here.